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About Rosa Romero Sanchez

Rosa Romero Sanchez is from Seville, Spain. The recollection of her childhood in her hometown of Seville, are dominated with memories of being very creative and outgoing.In 2003 she moved to the US. After living two years in Colorado, and two years in Washington State, she moved back and settled in Colorado, where her heart is now. 

She studied Fine Arts at University of Seville, Spain. Also, she went back to school and attend College for Early Childhood Education and Art, her other passion. She started out teaching Spanish to adults and kids. It was very rewarding; she knew that she was meant to teach her native language. She has been teaching Spanish to both adults and kids for over ten years, and she looks forward to many more years of teaching. Working with children has also been a wonderful and a whole learning experience in teaching techniques, the distinction between language acquisition and language learning. 

Living in the United State, has provided her with the opportunities to grow and develop, both in her personal and professional life. She also loves reading and painting portraits, in her spare time. 

Rosa is driven by the joy and excitement that comes from teaching and hopes to instill confidence and a passion for learning in every student. 

She will make the journey of learning Spanish fun and exciting for all the students at The Art of Spanish Institute!




Create ultimate learning experiences for students of the Spanish language. Create fun, friendly but powerful environment to promote learner’s experience. Dedicated and student-focused teaching professional. Who’s committed to providing a well-balanced, supportive, and engaging learning environment for all students. Proficient at tailoring lessons plans to incorporate student’s diverse interest, and capture their attention and imagination. Talent for integrating thematic units, cooperative learning projects, and class discussion to generate independent thought, improve speaking, reading and writing skills. Hard working and trustworthy educator, who strives to collaborate with all members of the school community to meet the needs of students and promote the philosophy of the The Art of Spanish Institute.

About Javier A. Morganti

Javier A. Morganti
From Buenos Aires, Argentina

Founder & Managing Director
Spanish Teacher


Javier A. Morganti's passion for teaching Spanish led him to establish The Art of Spanish Institute in 2004. He has a total of 14 years of experience in Denver teaching Spanish to both adults and kids. After teaching in several language schools in Denver, Colorado and earning his certificate in teaching Spanish as a Second Language (SSLT), he saw a unique opportunity to create the ultimate Spanish-language learning environment in Denver. His teaching methodology takes maximal advantage of world-class language-learning technologies and the best instructional practices.

In his native Argentina, he received a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration (U.B.A University of Buenos Aires), and then worked in marketing and administration for 7 years. Since coming to Colorado in 2001, he has gained wide experience teaching Spanish to English-speakers of all ages and backgrounds. He has  taught at schools both public and private, from elementary-, high school- up to university-level courses. Currently, he’s using his business background and experience with on-site corporate trainings to extend The Art of Spanish Institute methodology to corporate and institutional language-training programs.

When you meet Javier, you’ll see his lively passion for teaching and sharing his love of life. That spirit infuses the Art of Spanish Institute, creating a fun, friendly, and extremely powerful environment for learning. When he is not teaching, you’ll find him on the running paths around Washington Park and Cheesman Park, trail-running on the mountains, mountaing biking, photographing in the Rocky Mountains, backpacking or climbing his next 14er. 





About Carmen Milagros Oquendo Sánchez

Carmen Milagros Oquendo Sánchez is from Utuado, Puerto Rico.  She is a retired teacher, who cannot avoid to continue living her vocation to teach and empower people to speak the Spanish language, in a correct and proper manner.

Professor Oquendo has experienced too many rich practices that inspire people to be motivated and live as if each day would be the last one.


She studied in the University of Puerto Rico and obtained her Bachelor degree in Arts of Education.  At the same time, she worked as a Spanish teacher part-time.  After graduating, she married and moved to New Haven, Connecticut.  Right there she offered services for eight years as a Spanish teacher. When her mother died, Carmen returned to Puerto Rico to help his father grow her youngest sister.  She continued her education path teaching classes for 15 years at the public-school level and 6 more years in a university setting in Puerto Rico.


Carmen is a skilled and talented human being who has arrived to Denver with many ideas about teaching Spanish.  Her creativity makes her students to love and enjoy learning.  She can apply technology as well as communication activities that let her assess her students’ achievement and personal progress.  Carmen enjoys her life as a teacher, but also as a writer, guitar player, and song writer and singer.  She personally invites people to begin a new journey while learning and putting into practice the Spanish language. 



Rosa Romero Sanchez
From Seville, Spain
Spanish Teacher


Carmen Oquendo Sánchez
From Utuado, Puerto Rico
Spanish Teacher