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Javier Morganti

Javier A Morganti
From Buenos Aires, Argentina

Javier A. Morganti's passion for teaching Spanish led him to establish The Art of Spanish Institute in 2004. He has a total of 14 years of experience in Denver teaching Spanish to both adults and kids. After teaching in several language schools in Denver, Colorado and earning his certificate in teaching Spanish as a Second Language (SSLT), he saw a unique opportunity to create the ultimate Spanish-language learning environment in Denver. His teaching methodology takes maximal advantage of world-class language-learning technologies and the best instructional practices.

In his native Argentina, he received a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration (U.B.A University of Buenos Aires), and then worked in marketing and administration for 7 years. Since coming to Colorado in 2001, he has gained wide experience teaching Spanish to English-speakers of all ages and backgrounds. He has  taught at schools both public and private, from elementary-, high school- up to university-level courses. Currently, he’s using his business background and experience with on-site corporate trainings to extend The Art of Spanish Institute methodology to corporate and institutional language-training programs.


When you meet Javier, you’ll see his lively passion for teaching and sharing his love of life. That spirit infuses the Art of Spanish Institute, creating a fun, friendly, and extremely powerful environment for learning. When he is not teaching, you’ll find him on the running paths around Washington Park and Cheesman Park, trail-running on the mountains, mountaing biking, photographing in the Rocky Mountains, backpacking or climbing his next 14er. 






Create ultimate learning experiences for students of the Spanish language. Create fun, friendly but powerful environment to promote learner’s experience. Dedicated and student-focused teaching professional. Who’s committed to providing a well-balanced, supportive, and engaging learning environment for all students. Proficient at tailoring lessons plans to incorporate student’s diverse interest, and capture their attention and imagination. Talent for integrating thematic units, cooperative learning projects, and class discussion to generate independent thought, improve speaking, reading and writing skills. Hard working and trustworthy educator, who strives to collaborate with all members of the school community to meet the needs of students and promote the philosophy of the The Art of Spanish Institute.

Cristina Acevedo is from Zacatecas, México. She is a native Spanish speaker, professionally prepared with a Bachelor’s Degree in Junior High Education, specialized in Geography with vast experience as a teacher from elementary school, Middle school and Adult Education in Mexico.

She has a total six years of classroom experience, improving methods of study that she acquired during her career. She developed a unique and passionate way to make learning fun and engaging for students of all ages and backgrounds. Cristina always finds the best way to keep her students interested and working with motivation, for she is in the idea that Spanish as a romantic language gives the poet more words to play with, like toys to a kid.

In 2014 she had the privilege to come to Colorado where she worked for the local school district on a small town on the northeast corner of the state, where she gained knowledge and experience with the education system in the United States. Cristina also volunteered for various activities such as ESL teacher and worked closely with WIDA testing.

She likes to cook and enjoy the taste of the traditional Mexican food. She also loves to experiment with new flavors. Her hobbies are camping, hiking, swimming and outdoor activities.

She hopes to make the journey of learning Spanish fun and exciting for all the students that study at The Art of Spanish Institute!



Crisrina Acevedo
From Zacatecas, México

Founder-Managing Director, Spanish Instructor

Maria Judith Lopez

Spanish Instructor-Children Programs

Spanish Instructor

Cristina Acevedo

María Judith López is from Bogotá, Colombia. She completed a double Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering and Education from the Universidad Nacional in her native country. 

Judith, as she prefers to be called, has lived in Denver for the past 11 years. She has always known her great passion for teaching children, so she took the opportunity to study Early Child Education (ECE) at the Community College of Denver; this was a dream come true. This experience truly prepared her as a professional in the ECE field. 

She has over 8 years of experience teaching and tutoring her beloved native language to adults and children in private classes and in Denver Public Schools. 

Judith is a patient and friendly teacher dedicated to helping her students. She enjoys teaching her native language to both children and adults and is always looking for innovative ways to create fun and interactive lessons. 

In her kids' lessons, she incorporates her expertise in ECE  to make sure they are engaged and having fun while they are learning Spanish. She uses songs and games, among other strategies, to create a memorable learning experience for them. In her adults' lessons, she uses our audiovisual materials and other resources to stimulate interest and learning, to satisfy the needs of students with different learning styles and language proficiency, making sure that the four language skills are addressed in every lesson: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. 

In her free time, she likes to spend time with her family and also enjoys swimming, listening to music and reading. 

Maria Judith Lopez
From Bogotá, Colombia

Aracelly N.

Office Administration-Front Desk

Aracelly Nayi is originally from California with a South American background. She moved to Boulder, Colorado in 2002 where she attended the University of Colorado and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. She has since lived in Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.

As part of the team at The Art of Spanish Institute she aspires to be a valuable resource for the instructors and students. Her goal is to be an accessible and familiar presence while providing a source of information to match student needs. 

Some of her hobbies include spending time with her silly pug, watching foreign films, vintage and thrift shopping, traveling and immersing into different cultures, and scuba diving. You can also find her playing oldies or rock and roll wherever there’s a good jukebox.



Aracelly Nayi
From California, USA

About Us

Spanish Instructor

Javier De La Torre

Javier De La Torre
From Zacatecas, México

Javier De La Torre is a native Spanish speaker, originally from Zacatecas, México. He is a self-motivated professional who recently earned his M.A. in Philosophy from University Autonoma of Zacatecas, in Mexico. He has a vast experience teaching in a wide range of topics, with an expertise in Spanish grammar, English grammar, Philosophy, and Formal Logic or the science of reasoning.

Once relocated to Colorado in 2013, Javier has experienced an advantage of being bilingual, and has seen great potential in transmitting his knowledge and love of Spanish to English speakers. He has worked for the Colorado Community College System where he has developed his Spanish teaching style to its peak.

He has worked and lived in Colorado since 2013. He has offered public speeches in libraries about different contemporary cultural affairs throughout Colorado. Javier has traveled to Asia and South America and he has a skill immersing in different cultural backgrounds, which is enjoyable for him almost at the side of an eloquent and peaceful debate in topics of public concern.

His goal as a Spanish teacher at The Art Of Spanish Institute is to offer his students a unique learning experience, using his great command of Spanish and technical knowledge of his career and Spanish Grammar.