Spanish is your path to the heart of Latin and Hispanic World!

Speaking Spanish opens doors of opportunity, both practical and personal. Learn Español for business, for school, for life-long adventures in culture. Come for career success or for the pleasure of making friends within the huge world-wide community of Spanish-speakers.

We are a team of Spanish Teachers devoted to teach this bautiful language of español. We will teach you to think and build concepts in Spanish, with little to no English translation. You’ll have fun while you learn, your confidence grows strong. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you progress. You gain Spanish language skills to use with confidence. We guarantee it!

There are many schools to choose for you learn to read, write, and speak Spanish. But We are the only Teachers in Denver devoted to teaching the most important language skills: speaking, listening and comprehension. We use engaging, lively conversations to develop (and challenge) your listening and questioning skills.

When you join our community of dedicated, enthusiastic learners, you’ll find what you seek, but you’ll gain much more.

We will teach you what you need to reach your goals. Reading, speaking, writing, vocabulary, and conversational skills; individual instruction, small-group classes, community gatherings and !fiestas!: We will design your Spanish language learning program, expertly crafted to fit your needs, your learning style and your schedule.

▪   Need Spanish for business? Come to us! We are  expert in the Spanish you need for business success here, and in Mexico, Spain, Central and South America. On-site programs designed to fit the needs of your organization now and in the future. Ask me about my custom-designed executive and small-group training programs. 

▪   Need better grades? Excel in class discussion and on exams! Study skills, reading comprehension, test-preparation; middle- and high-school classes, university courses, and professional training programs: We will give you the tools for academic success. 

▪ Want confident, comfortable communication with Spanish-speakers, here and abroad? Move beyond ‘surviving in Spanish,’ -- enjoy conversation with colleagues and new-found friends! Follow your interests. Travel beyond crowded tourist destinations. Learn the Spanish you need; experience using it where and when you need it.

You’ve heard that learning Spanish opens worlds of opportunity for career and business success or makes vacation travel easier and more enjoyable. But did you know that getting to the heart of Spanish and Latin culture opens your world for life?

Contact me "I guarantee your satisfaction and success"

Javier Morganti
Director and Teacher