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Spanish For Denver Public Schools And Teachers

Because of the growing Hispanic population in Denver and the use of the Spanish language within the state of Colorado, statistics prove that knowledge of a second language will increase opportunities in the current workforce as well as for future generations to come.  As a result of these statistics, we strongly feel that learning Spanish as a second language is an additional tool for success, especially for teachers in schools such as yours.

For background, The Art of Spanish Institute (TAOSI) was founded by a group of professional instructors with a common objective: to teach the Spanish language in a quick and efficient way.  At TAOSI, personalized attention is our priority.  We focus on providing education of the Spanish language in an environment that is 100% conversational and fully conducted in Spanish, allowing the individual to participate in a natural conversation with utmost security.    

At TAOSI, our goal is to maintain our professional high standard level of service to our students, which is why TAOSI only employs highly educated instructors.  At the completion of six-month enrollment in TAOSI, our average students begin to speak Spanish in a much higher register, allowing them to communicate with other individuals in a much more professional and sophisticated manner.  Teacher evaluation and developmental courses are held on a monthly basis, keeping TAOSI’s instructors well informed and up to date with the latest teaching techniques as well as participate in weekly training sessions.

TAOSI offers a number of specialized Spanish Programs to Denver Public Schools tailored to supporting teachers in communicating about behavior and grades with their limited English-speaking students and parents. We normally offer this program based on a 24 week series of sessions, meeting twice a week after regular school hours. 

We also offer Professional Development Sessions (PDS) for teachers tailored to supporting teachers in communicating about behavior and grades with their limited English-speaking students and parents. We normally offer this program based on a 1 monthly session, meeting one time per month at your location.

We can also create a program designed specifically to fit your needs.  Courses are designed for all levels of proficiency, beginning, intermediate, advanced or professional level, with instruction at our location or at your location. 

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment for additional information, please feel free to contact us. 

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your teacher education.