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Spanish Language School
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Kathy Barrigas



I have been taking Individual Private Lessons twice per week at "The Art of Spanish Institute" since June 2017 and I am delighted with the setting, the owner, my instructor, and my progress. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to learn or improve their Spanish language skills.
Initially, I was impressed by the website and the description of Javier’s philosophy of teaching. I have continued to be impressed with every step since then. I contacted Javier by email, received a response right away and was invited to come in and talk to him. After we talked a bit, Javier did a brief, but effective, assessment of my current Spanish language level. He suggested that I start with Individualized Private Lessons at the intermediate level. I was ready to learn and signed up for classes right away.
My sessions with Cristina have been great! She is a delightful, interesting, and effective teacher. I feel like I was placed at the right level of the curriculum – there are parts that are review for me and parts where I am learning new things. Because these are one-on-one sessions, conducted entirely in Spanish, I have lots of opportunity to talk, to listen, and to learn exactly what I need to learn. Cristina is able to quickly assess my strengths and weaknesses during any lesson – she gives me positive feedback when I’m doing well and lots of patient help where I need it.
I am very happy with the progress that I’ve made since I started at "The Art of Spanish". I look forward to my classes every week, time flies when I’m there, and when I leave I’m motivated to do the homework that I’ve been assigned. If you sign up for classes here, you will not be disappointed!


Alice Neff



I have been studying Spanish for many years and have had a number of teachers and learning experiences but Javier is by far the best teacher I have had. The class includes a lot of fun conversation which is an area that I was lacking. It also includes grammar, vocabulary, listening to podcasts in Spanish and reading. I really like the way we go over material in class to make sure it is understood and then as homework we repeat it by doing it ourselves. At the next class the homework is thoroughly checked and if I have questions Javier explains them. I can’t say enough about how enjoyable Javier makes learning Spanish!


Jim Tooley



"I have been taking Spanish classes with Zelma for a little over a year.  She is an excellent teacher who uses a variety of methods & techniques to improve all aspects of your spanish skills – speaking, writing and listening.  I can say many nice things about Zelma, but I think the best thing about her is that she is passionate about teaching.  She cares that her students learn and I admire that quality about her".


Fran Gomez



I have been an Art of Spanish Institute student for several months. I had always wanted to learn to speak Spanish and had tried on a couple previous occasions to learn the language. However, I did not advance as I had hoped and felt a group setting diminished my ability to learn. I found myself with free time this spring and decided to pursue my goal of Spanish language acquisition. After quite a bit of research and a one-on-one meeting with Javier, I decided that the instruction offered at The Art of Spanish Institute was best suited to my ideal and goal. I have been very happy with the results. After only 5 months, I feel that I have a better understanding of the language than at any previous time. The pace is set by my ability to comprehend the information, and the instruction and materials are varied and encompass speaking, reading, writing, and comprehension. Since I meet with Javier in one-on-one sessions, he is able to correct my errors and provide extra instruction on topics that are challenging to me rather than spreading his attention over a group of students. In every class, we spend a portion of the class in conversation which allows practice with concepts and words. Javier is always supportive, encouraging, and realistic about my progress, pointing out my accomplishments when I'm having a tough day. I am very happy with my progress and the program, and plan to continue my language acquisition with The Art of Spanish Institute for a long time to come. 


Ronald Weber



I have been taking lessons from Javier for 12 years now. It is one of the most enjoyable hours of my week. I look forward to the challenges presented every week in his lessons, the thoroughness of his preparation, and his teaching techniques. Each lesson builds on the previous week's lesson. This, along with a homework assignment if completed, will aid in your comprehension of the Spanish language. I started to learn Spanish for my career as a firefighter, but after taking lessons with Javier I have developed an appreciation of the language and want to become fluent at some point in my life. Javier has a realistic view of the time it takes to learn a language and has a smile and a positive attitude every week.


Helen Atkeson



My husband and I have each been taking private lessons with Javier for almost 4 months. We had talked about taking Spanish lessons for years, and a friend recommended Javier when we were ready to be serious about this endeavor. It has been such an exciting experience, and Javier has been very supportive of a new student such as I am. His combination of listening, speaking, reading and writing, together with a focus on intensive vocabulary building, has been very effective for me. A new world has been opened up for me!


"Husband" joining here. Estoy de acuerdo! I'm making great progress in becoming proficient in this lovely language.


Dana Rondinelli



It is important to me that my two daughters (ages 9 & 11) learn Spanish, and what they were learning in school wasn't at the level that I wanted. I turned to Javier and couldn't be happier. After a full day of school, my girls are actually looking forward to spending 1 1/2 hours studying Spanish! Javier makes learning fun for them. He incorporates games, books and other innovative ways that work. Not to mention that my girls think Javier is quite funny. There is always laughter and good fun incorporated into the learning. I would completely recommend Javier as a terrific Spanish tutor for kids of all ages.


Stephen Duncan



I have tried learning Spanish multiple times over the years—two different groups classes, Rosetta Stone, studying on my own—but I’ve made more progress in my first year with Javier than any of them. His customized approach allows me to progress as fast or as slow as I am comfortable going, and his fun, positive attitude creates a free-flowing environment without the fear or intimidation I’ve experienced in group settings. The variety of class activities and homework keeps the material fresh while also building a balanced set of skills from listening and talking to writing and reading. I’m learning Spanish as a personal interest, and this is easily the most enjoyable, productive experience I’ve had in the process. 


Buffy Marie Collison



I have been studying with Javier at The Art of Spanish Institute for over 12 years now. He uses various techniques in teaching which include textbook study, reading exercises, podcasts, in-class conversation. I appreciate Javier's enthusiasm, positive attitude and efforts at keeping classes fresh, challenging and interesting. I continue to learn and improve my Spanish and truly enjoy attending class. I appreciate his teaching style very much and look forward to my Spanish lessons!.


George Blankenship



I have been studying with Javier for over 5 years now. Javier's classes always include conversation about events in your life. These exchanges give the student valuable training in how to actually communicate in Spanish in real life situations. Learning conversational skills and comprehension in real time quickly advances the student's mastery of the language and builds the confidence to engage other Spanish language speakers in dialogue. I have found Javier's classes to be invaluable for both my business and my personal interactions with Spanish speakers.  


Renée Krause



I've been an intermediate level Spanish speaker/student for years but have not been able to become truly proficient. I found The Art of Spanish, met with Javier Morganti and decided to proceed with classes. That was 4 months ago and I am so happy with the progress I've made. I've taken lots of classes, worked with other teachers, and tried Rosetta Stone but nothing has been as effective as the classes I've taken from Javier. He is truly an excellent teacher. In class we speak, write and read spanish. The text books we use are excellent and the homework assignments help reinforce what I learn in class. There area also excellent online tools available to students on his website. I understand so much more spanish now and am speaking more like a native speaker. Classes with Javier are fun and he teaches the language in a very natural way. This is the place to go if you really want to learn spanish.


Ronald Cooper



"My private lessons with Javier have enabled me to quickly improve my Spanish language skills. We meet for two hours each week, and over the past two years I've seen major improvements in speaking ability, comprehension, the use of proper grammar and expanded vocabulary. The private lessons allow me to focus on my specific needs and are an efficient and effective approach to improving my Spanish. Javier is an energetic, enthusiastic, experienced and skilled instructor. The classes are fun and productive. Javier is a great Spanish Teacher. I highly recommend taking classes at The Art of Spanish Institute.


Jonathan Oswald



I have been taking classes with Cristina at The Art of Spanish Institute for the past two years to improve my Spanish skills so I can work with native Spanish speakers over the phone.  I have experienced a dramatic increase in my comprehension and ability to converse in a professional manner.  I owe the changes to the work that I have done to Cristina.  We use different methods in classes, working on memorization, listening and reading comprehension, conversational skills and cultural differences among Spanish speakers.  One of my favorite aspects of working one on one with Cristina is being able to discuss connotative definitions of different idiomatic phrases to ensure that I use the proper vocabulary in various real life situations.  The best parts, however, are the friendly encouragement that Rosa gives to work harder on my studies and how she challenges me to use Spanish more often.


Kristina Normann



I initially sought out a Spanish teacher because I am married to an Argentine and because it is useful to know the language in my field of health care. Javier was recommended by a friend and I have been learning Spanish for over one and a half years. Javier uses comprehensive teaching methods that have allowed me to progress quite quickly. The combination of conversation with Javier, reading and writing from a language book, and listening to Spanish podcasts allows for good variety, as well as fun classes. I would highly recommend Javier as a Spanish teacher.


Rev. Dr. Steven C. Van Ostran



In the almost year and a half I have been studying with Javier I have found him to be an excellent teacher who utilizes a number of new and varied learning strategies to help me improve.  His encouragement provides confidence, his sense of humor makes the learning fun and his concern for others makes the time worthwhile.  The money I have spent to work with him is worth every penny.


Jahi Simbai



Working with Javier, I especially like the four-pronged approach to learning the Spanish language: speaking, listening, writing, and reading. In class we speak primarily in Spanish, which is very helpful from a conversational perspective. The homework usually consists of some basic workbook exercises, which is great for learning, remembering, and using vocabulary. Also, the homework consists of listening to a Spanish conversation on a podcast for comprehension. In addition, I am expected to write short reports in Spanish, which Javier will correct for errors. Javier likes to include short reading assignments to help learn new words and recognize verb tenses. Overall, working with Javier is fun. I have been able to use the Spanish I have learned at work and in my travels to Latin American countries and have met some great people through taking classes with him.


Dr. Andrew Kassel



For those who seriously want to learn Spanish, you shouldn't go anywhere else. Javier is professional, organized, serious about teaching his students Spanish but still makes it fun. Going to my class is one of the highlights of my week!​


Becky Briggs



I had a fantastic immersion experience with The Art of Spanish Institute for 3 days, and I hope to return for another class whenever I make it back to Denver! Gracias, Javier!!!!


Ralph Poucher



Having reached my early seventies I am one of Javier’s oldest students.  For the past 5 years I have worked with Javier to successfully achieve a working knowledge of the Spanish language and to develop basic conversational skills.  My goal now and for the future is to become a proficient conversationalist. Javier has used a mix of teaching skills, wit, humor, doggedness and genuine friendliness to make my learning experience both enjoyable and rewarding.  With a smile on our faces I have become his “abuelo” and he is my “nieto”.  Older people often have unique learning challenges; Javier has been terrific in identifying my learning challenges and in tailoring a curriculum that has kept me motivated and improving my Spanish language skills.  I wholeheartedly recommend Javier and the Art of Spanish Institute for anyone seeking to learn, or improve their skills using, the Spanish language.


Al Wallace



I am conversational in German. Yet I have struggled unsuccessfully for years to learn Spanish through leading software programs and self-study books. When I enrolled with two of my employees at The Art of Spanish Institute, that changed. After only one month, I was able to get around in Mexico understanding far more than I was able to speak. This motivated me to continue with our instructor Cristina in group classes where I have meet fun and adventurous students who share the same passion. The classes are taught at my skill level and build through a variety of personal exercises which create competency faster than any other language method I have tried. For the value delivered, I have the utmost praise for Javier and The Art of Spanish Institute.