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Spanish Language School

Serving the Denver Community since 2004!

Our School

What you need to know about the Institute

There are many schools to choose for you learn to read, write, and speak Spanish in Denver. But we are the only teachers in Denver devoted to teaching the most important language skills: listening and comprehension. We use engaging, lively conversations to develop (and challenge) your listening and questioning skills.

  1. Classes are fun, fast-paced and customized to the individual. 
  2. We will teach you only in Spanish.
  3. All our teachers are Native speakers of Spanish.
  4. We use the latest technology with the best instruction to speed your progress. 
  5. You’ll use Spanish comfortably, confidently- and much sooner than you ever thought possible. 
  6. You learn to understand what you hear, and use what you know to communicate effectively, en español, right from the start. 
  7. Classes are supervised and monitored by Javier A. Morganti, Managing Director of the School.
  • There is no better, no faster way to learn Spanish. we do more than grow your vocabulary and phrasebook. You’ll pass your exams, get your certificates, and qualify for promotions at work. But we don’t stop there. We challenge and support you to practice your Spanish—and we make it fun!. You deserve to experience Spanish you can use in daily life: at work and at play, at home and abroad. That’s what we do at the Art of Spanish Institute.
  • Experience the ultimate language-learning environment at the Art of Spanish Institute. Patient, expert instruction, using the most-advanced language-learning technology and software. A fun, supportive atmosphere suffused with joy in learning and delight in sharing our culture and language. A diverse lending library of the best Spanish-language literature, music, movies, and language-learning materials. Frequent gatherings at the Institute, at restaurants, and other special opportunities for living la vida espanol.
  • IMAGINE thinking in Spanish "solamente español" "no inglés" Increíble! Fantástico! Posible! Definitivamente!. Short of moving to another country, you won’t get any closer to the full experience of Latin and Hispanic culture than with the Art of Spanish Institute.

Learning a new language opens your mind and your heart to new ways of experiencing all your worlds: in business, in friendship, for life.

Let us be your guide.