How We Teach Children

Children’s classes at the Art of Spanish Institute are designed to be even more interactive and fast-paced. We use games, stories and music to promote learning, and each session always ends with activities and enjoyable “homework” to complete during the week. We ensure that “homework” promotes learning but also gives your kids many opportunities to show off their Spanish skills.

In class, we use flashcards, posters, and drawings to introduce the day’s subject. We turn interactive “call and response” and “repeat after me” exercises into games that rapidly grow vocabulary and build children’s understanding of how Spanish works. ​

Your children will learn to pronounce Spanish correctly because we pay close attention to articulation and proper enunciation. They’ll also know that learning language can be a fun and rewarding experience.

When your children attend classes at the Art of Spanish Institute, they’ll learn to enjoy the Spanish language and the pleasure of interacting with Hispanic and Latino people in the United States and abroad. They will also gain skills and knowledge that may be extremely valuable in their future lives. In particular, they’ll be ready to take full advantage of the many opportunities and challenges to come, as Spanish-speaking peoples and countries are growing in economic and social importance for the United States.

Have your children experience our approach to the Spanish language. They will have a great time and learn skills valuable now and in their future lives. We look forward to seeing them in our classes. Please call 303-993-8335 or send an
e-mail at to request more information.

Schedule an appointment soon, so you and your children can experience the Art of Spanish Institute!

Learning language comes naturally for most children, especially when they know that classes are fun and playful. In principle, our teaching methodology remains the same for children and adults. Our teaching emphasizes the Direct Method, and we provide many opportunities for practice and applying newly-learned Spanish skills.